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Q. How do I purchase products from Southern Spices?

A. Our products may be purchased online using our shopping cart. We are pursuing national distribution with major food chains but may take some time. 


Q. Do you have gift packages that I can order?

A. Yes, Southern Spices provides gift packages of a 6-product set as well as a 10-product set. These product sets are already prepackaged and cannot be manipulated in any way.


Q. Are there discounts available for bulk purchases?

A. Yes, the available discounts are on the purchase of the 'Spice Rack Collection Set'. It is a 10% discount plus free shipping.


Q. Where can I find nutrition information on Southern Spices products?

A. Nutrition information for our products are found on the label of the spice container. General nutrition information can be found on the products page on this website but is limited to sodium amounts in each spice and/or seasoning blend. 

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